They say he eats bees and that is why he’s so jumpy. Some say he has a fold of skin that looks like a cow’s tit coming
theman-fbBorn as a chuckle*, curiously enough, the word titicacaman and its logo have transformed into a sort of royal emblem, which around here represents: all things ART.

Conceived in 2000 by multimedia artist/musician Marcelo Radulovich, this iconic chuckle, which first spawned a surrealist story about the enigmatic titi caca man (instrument maker, ignorant scientist), has grown into a multimedia production facility with a list of happy clients, as well as a brand name for the various products created under its banner, namely, original music released through Titicacaman Records and abstract digital art, Titicacaman appART.

There’s lots to see, lots to read, videos to view and music to listen to in this site, a smorgasbord of the work we do at Titicacaman Studio in Cardiff by the Sea, California. We’ve tried to make it easy to navigate through, and hope you enjoy the experience. We’ll be adding more appART, music and other bits soon so come again.

Thank you for visiting titicacaman.com!

We are here to help in creative ways

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for audio or visual art for any of your projects, whether it be a cover for your new CD or book, music you want recorded and produced, or a video marketing your product. Our email and phone number are below, ask for Marcelo.

CONTACT TITICACAMAN Studio Services: EMAIL | PHONE: 760.944.3321

*Is Titicacaman more than a chuckle?
Absolutely, sometimes we break down the word this way:

TITI = Mother’s milk, nutrition, nourishment, love, support, sensuality, fertility

CACA = The result of processing the nourishment. The expulsion of waste matter and bacteria, physically and spiritually. This waste matter in turn, acts as a fertilizer, promoting growth

MAN = A representation of animal life, a protagonist

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