The League of Assholes

Titicacaman Records CAT#23

by The League of Assholes

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This album is a response to a changing of high guards, from an imperfect, empathic, intelligent, inspiring man who does not fall asleep at his watch, to a boisterous glutton who abandons his post in order to feed on extra rations, a petty clown who inspires distrust, an ogre who should have stayed in his castle. The goal of IN OGRE ATE was to act like an exorcism, a way to creatively capture the purging of collective disgust, a communal vomiting session, some 29 minutes of “not my president” in a sound collage, which conveys the anxiety coursing through our veins in January 2017. The image of Ogre T eating his fellow citizens is at the forefront of this work, ultimately IN OGRE ATE is an incantation, a labor of love in a time of fuck.

Produced and assembled by Marcelo Radulovich on the weeks of the 2017 USA presidential inauguration, IN OGRE ATE is made up of numerous contributions from individuals across the USA and Europe, from harsh layers of distorted guitar, to jagged piano and plastic bag, to strange vocalizations, sound design, theremin, drums, digitally altered old cassette recordings of Russian church bells and a variety of sounds, a sander sanding a distorted bass, screams into phones, a 97 year old woman saying “no, NO!” while watching the inauguration on TV… all in virtual unity, chipping in in their unique way to help push the purge.

Long inactive as a band the roots of The League of Assholes stretch back to the late 1990’s when a rotating breed of adventurous guitarists would gather to improvise dissonance. Disclaimer: The League of Assholes does not exist, there is no league and the participants in this work are not assholes.

IN OGRE ATE (play it loud!)


Read an article in San Diego CityBeat (2/7/2017)

“Where Will Music Head Next?” Read about IN OGRE ATE in A Closer Listen (2/20/2017)
“The recording succeeds the artistic level as well; while it expresses anger, it does so in an elaborate and intelligent manner rather than a simple and reactive one. Shared horror creates a sense of community.”

Read a review in Avant Music News (2/26/2017)
“Perhaps the most remarkable thing about In Ogre Ate is how well it works as both protest music as well as an enjoyable piece of dark noise art. Well done.”

IN OGRE ATE recording session Friday, January 20, 2017
“What I was doing on that stormy day when the ogre took office, as he placed his hand on the big book I sanded my bass.” Marcelo Radulovich


Participants (in alphabetical order):

Christopher Adler: scream
Abel Ashes: acoustic guitar, voice
Dylan Lee Brown: array nail organ
Bug Guts: closing song (guitars, voices, shaker)
James Call: theremin, organ
Spud Davenport: screams
Thomas Dimuzio: modular synths and processing
James Dougherty (Zebra and Donkey): voice, melodica
Barney Firks: bass noise
Esteban Flores: guitar
Beth Glick-Rieman: voice
Eric Glick Rieman: upright piano, with keys covered by moving plastic bag
Enrique “Bugs” Gonzalez: drums
Chet Harrison: phone viola
Charles Maynes: montage
Dave Pearson: voice
Jessica Radulovich: voice
Marcelo Radulovich: processed cassettes, bass, sander on bass, screams, voices
Scott Sayre: trombone
Bart Stull: guitar
Scott Walton: upright bass
FM Watson: fretless guitars, voice
Bill Wesley: harmony array keyboard

Created/designed by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studio, January 2017

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