IMG_2526Cold feet, wash stones. Revolving eyes, a paradox of. Recite. Prime. Ye, who fade the fog into light, forgive. Transient fish. Bearable.
We are big fans of design, it is at the core of all well executed art, at the core of everything. Sometimes it manifests itself in the guise of inspiration, sometimes one has to wrangle it out of numerous sketches, recordings, edits… lots of pacing and a big pot of coffee. But one thing is for sure, the more one designs the easier it is to design, like working out a specific muscle, and we have been working our design muscles out on a daily basis, for a long time now.

At Titicacaman Studio we have designed numerous music CD covers, websites, like this here, posters, t-shirts, logos, stickers, flyers, calendars, etc. Part of our design is to design, and we are open for business.

Let us design for you

CONTACT TITICACAMAN Studio Services: EMAIL | PHONE: 760.944.3321

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