Album Covers

Velvet and dirt line the ground. We tread above, 20cm to float. The field sustains us, a chill in the air, rustlers ping
We love designing album covers. Listening to the album’s music as we develop the graphics, finding in visuals what is heard in the sounds, creating a new story, exploring the connections between the senses. We have a penchant for surrealism and love elegance in design. Below are a few sample covers, click on the images to see larger versions.

If you are looking for original art work for a new music release please get in touch. We charge reasonable rates and can be very accommodating.

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Nice World: Eve of Distortion

Marcelo Radulovich: Legends & Robots

Nicey Nice World

The Playground Slap: Disco Nausea

Gunther's Grass: Never in the Future that Dawned Earlier On

Marcelo Radulovich: Summer in Winter

Marcelo Radulovich: To Lilliput & Back, Vol. 2

Me Me the Moth: The Weirding Valley

Marcelo Radulovich: Index

Marcelo Radulovich: La Mano Ponderosa

Below are links to older designs, these show all CD panels, front, back, disc, inserts, etc.
Oetz/Wagner/Stuart: Permanent Flow – 2005
Trummerflora: No Stars Please – 2001
O’Keefe, Stanyek, Walton and Whitehead: Tunnel – 2003
Marcelo Radulovich: Hello – 2002

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