Digital Permutations

Hello my name is Marcelo Radulovich I am a multimedia artist and producer, my current focus is on digital art, music and video production. I run Titicacaman Studio in Cardiff, CA, where I freelance for various clients and produce my own work. I was born in Santiago, Chile where I spent the first seven years of my life, troubled by the political and civil unrest Chile faced in the early 70s my family moved to Costa Rica where I was exposed to tropical rhythms and frolicked in the abundance of nature for six years, at age 13 the family split and some of us moved to California. Although I consider California to be my home so much of the work I’ve created and continue to create is deeply rooted and influenced by Latin art, particularly surrealism.

I knew early on the arts were IT for me. Fascinated and intrigued by all media I’ve spent the last 35 years exploring and creating countless works of visual art and music, drawings, graphics, videos, songs, sound art… the list goes on. The realization that different media are like different languages was an epiphany, whether a story is told through a song or a drawing is just a choice of aesthetics and tools, the story is the same. Part of my artistic explorations involves technology and its evolution as it relates to altering a source, whether it be in sound and the multitude of effects that can be applied to transform a signal, or in visuals and the variety of filters, software and apps that can alter an image.

My explorations have yielded some very interesting and arresting results, the digital art series presented here stands out as uniquely intriguing. Digital Permutations uses two sets of tools, one is a series of steps and filters in Photoshop:

The other is a series of steps, filters and a variety of iPhone apps:

Both use the same approach and aim at the same goal: the permutation of photographs to a point beyond recognition, the original image is transformed into an abstract work of art.

The art presented on this page has been printed on 18″ x 24″ paper and is available for display and for sale. This is a small fraction of the work I’ve produced in this series, there are many other pieces available for print and in my explorations I’ve also used designs from this series on a variety of products like t-shirts and mugs, prototypes can be seen here.

I am currently looking for galleries who may be interested in presenting the work, I am also interested in representation and/or partnering with entities who may help take this work to a greater audience, please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in viewing the work in person or would like to see more samples. I (Marcelo Radulovich) can be reached at:
Phone: 760.944.3321
Thank you for your time and for considering this work!